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CIVIL WAR Packs Return!

AGE OF ULTRON Fortune Card

Team-up with Ghostrider and Quake

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Hero Power Update FAQ Posted

RavenDeth a posted Tue at 19:48

Just a little while ago a Hero Power Update FAQ was posted by AgentVapor in the Marvel Heroes Forums to highlight some of the questions and developer responses posted in discussion of the first dev blog.

The FAQ is not open for player posts. The FAQ may be added to going forward however.

Check it out! 

Another patch for the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D event is in the process of being applied. It was started approximately 20 minutes before the post time on this post and is expected to take no longer than 1.5hrs to complete.

This patch adds the Robbie Reyes and Quake Team-ups to the game.


Monday Update!

Today's patch marks the start of our Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. event, as well as the addition of the new Quake and Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) Team-Ups. Downtime is expected to be three (3) hours.

Players will be able to choose a side as either an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. or HYDRA to gather intelligence, battle members of each faction, earn exclusive rewards and achievements!

This will be the last of the Monday Updates as they've existed thus far. Weekly updates are not going away, however these updates will be moving to the end of the week rather than the start, so next week's update will take place on Friday, September 30th.

AgentVapor - source

The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D event is now live on the Marvel Heroes Test Center.

The event is similar to the Civil War event in that you can choose sides with either S.H.I.E.L.D or Hydra for your hero to work for. You will then receive rewards themed for that side. You can change sides at any time. 

Along with the launch of this event two new Team-Up heroes have been added. They are Robbie Reyes and Quake (Daisy/Skye from the TV Series "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D). Both team-ups will be available through the store and via Eternity Splinters.

Here is a preview of Robbie Reyes fiery entry/exit animations (2560x1080)

There are three new achievements for this event, some new items and some special S.H.I.E.L.D Experimental Potions that will grant you significat stat boosts.

Much like the Civil War event, there will be a tournament and you earn points in a similar fashion. These tournaments will run for 4 hours each throughout the duration of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D event. '

Another short video showing Robbie Reyes team-up in action (2560x1080)

Check out the source for more details.

UPDATE: View the Item/Talents changes thread here.

Luke Cage New Ultimate Power!

Above is Luke Cage's new Ultimate Power

There are many changes to how the system currently operates in the works.  Gazillion will be introducing a host of upgrades across many systems in the coming weeks.  So many that it's been dubbed "the biggest systems update in the history of the game".


  • Hero Power Updates
  • Item Updates
  • Omega System Updates
  • Personal Difficulty Slider


Every single Hero in the game will be receiving a design update. All. At. Once. "As for the actual Hero updates themselves, we plan to open up a Test Center build with many (if not all) Heroes available to test in October.TheArtof Rawr

There are three systems involved in this endeavor: Power Points, Talents, and Traits.


One of the main design goals for this suite of Hero updates is to offer more meaningful choices in character builds, and to make those choices easily. Powers will now have the benefits of maximum Power Points allotment incorporated directly into their base stats (scaling with your level), rendering Power Points obsolete.


One of the most successful features in Heroes is Specializations, which you may recall are modifiers to Powers that can radically change the way a Power functions, both mechanically and visually. In this update, we’re taking that notion a step further by introducing Talents. Instead of one or two Specializations, every Hero will have 5 sets of Talents. The combination of Talents you choose from each set will result in all new customization possibilities for each Hero.

Talents will unlock as you level your Hero, offering choices over time as you learn the nuances of your abilities.


Traits are passives “native” to a Hero at level one and remain constant throughout their progression. These serve to help reinforce the theme of the character by outlining their power set, and also serve as itemization vectors by giving you an idea of what item affixes you should seek out. All Heroes will have one Defensive and Offensive Trait.

Defensive Traits contain the defensive “archetype” of a Hero, which was established in the Defense System Update last year–a bonus multiplier to two scaling defensive layers (Defense, Deflect, Dodge), and a bit of those ratings to get you started.

Offensive Traits contain a new offensive “archetype”, similar to the defensive ones that were set up last year. Each Hero will have two Attributes selected for them, and all damage output will be increased based on how high you are able to scale those two Attributes.

Human Torch Traits Example

Human Torch Traits

Flame Wave Example

Human Torch Flame Wave


The intended play dynamic from the Hero Talent Updates is to choose and slot eight Powers that you enjoy and want to use, and five Talents that will support those decisions. This will get you to the meat of the game much faster than tediously assigning Power points and scrolling through multiple action bars during combat.

With those things in mind, we have removed the second and third action bars, but in the same breath, removed almost all cases of shared cooldowns, non-stacking effects, Specializations locking Powers, and antirequisites. You have full freedom to choose the 8 Powers you want to use, and the Talents to create your build in total.

View the source for more details.

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Newest Hero!

Marvel Heroes has added the 59th playable hero in the game's lineup, Angela!  Angela is a fierce warrior raised by Angels in Heven.

View Angela Details Now!

The Angela Hero Pack is available now.

Included in the hero pack are: Angela, 2 Costumes, Angela Hero Stash, 6x Fortune Cards and 2 XP Boosts.

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