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Today's patch focused on a few areas.

Story Mode Changes

Previously when you completed the Chapter 1 mission "Tablet of Life and Time" you were awarded a 75 Permanent Health Bonus. That Permanent Health Bonus is no longer awarded and has been retroactively removed from characters that have completed the mission in the past.

There will be more chapter revamps going forward.

Hero Changes

Angela has some updates made to the following powers:

  • Nothing For Nothing
  • Living Ribbons
  • Heavenly Charge

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes


  • Event vendor can now be refreshed
  • Never Melting Ice Cream Bar and End of Summer even buff drop rate fix
  • Various Angela Fixes

(see patch notes)

Civil War event starts Sept. 2nd

The Civil War event is returning to Marvel Heroes on September 2nd. It is currently on the Test Center.

Here is some information from @AgentVapor:

When Civil War returns, all of the features of the event will be active from the start, such as:

  • Crossbones in Patrol Modes

  • Madripoor Bazaar Chase scenario

  • Airfield Showdown scenario

  • Joining the Pro-Registration or Anti-Registration sides in the conflict and earn influence with your faction

  • Civil War Tournament

Source: AgentVapor Marvel Heroes Forums

I just hit day 730 and received my 3rd year birthday cake!  While this isn't really breaking Marvel Heroes news, I thought I'd share. laughing

doolittle Congrats, RD! And thanks again for keeping the site going!

From Asros

From Asros:

"we will be releasing a patch tuesday morning with several fixes, including one to improve the drop rate."

Dr. Strange from the Movie

Probably due to the upcoming Marvel Studios movie release of Dr. Strange (Nov. 4th), it was confirmed yesterday on the live Twitch Stream (Angela play-thru Chapter 1) that the Dr. Strange VU was looking good by Asros.

Dr. Strange VU confirmation in Twitch Stream

I'm looking forward to the Visual Update but I'm also looking forward to a change in his somewhat overwhelming powers/play setup. As it stands now, to play him properly you really need to use two power bars and very specific timing of powers. It can be somewhat daunting to play him but when you get the rotation down, he's awesome!

Throw Clea on as a Team Up and WOOT!

I'd also venture to guess that there will be a new movie costume coming for Dr. Strange and will co-incide with the movie's release.

MH Bugle is Cool
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Newest Hero!

Marvel Heroes has added the 59th playable hero in the game's lineup, Angela!  Angela is a fierce warrior raised by Angels in Heven.

View Angela Details Now!

The Angela Hero Pack is available now.

Included in the hero pack are: Angela, 2 Costumes, Angela Hero Stash, 6x Fortune Cards and 2 XP Boosts.

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